Now you can choose 4 different, indiviually wrapped fragrances to include in your box.


Our gorgeous fragrances in a unique way. These wax melt snapsticks are:

- Highly fragranced - in all the Bougie Lab favourites

- Long lasting - each stick gives between  15-20 hours of glorious scent 

- Botanically infused - with real petals and leaves

- Made from natural soy wax


Simply break a chunk off, pop in your burner and relax. When the scent eventually disappears you can pop the hard wax out after refrigerating for a short while. Too easy.




Wax Melt Snapstick Box

  • Delivery cost to the UK is £2.99 (2nd class Royal Mail)

  • 1. Break a chunk off the stick

    2. Drop it in a suitable burner (wax burner not oil burner which is too small)

    3. Light a standard (4 hour) tealight

    4. Each chunk usually gives 2 tealights worth of fragrance

    5. When the fragrance is used up the cooled wax should come out of your burner easily (sometimes it helps to put it in your fridge/freezer).