Below are some helpful tips to help you get the most from your candles

  • Wick

    Keep your wick trimmed to around 1/2 cm. This will ensure a clean bright flame and stop unsightly wick "mushrooms" forming.

  • Pool

    When you first light your candle allow the melted wax tor reach the edges before you blow it out. This will help to stop tunnelling.

  • Location

    Keep your candle away from draughty areas. This will lead to a cleaner burn, an enhanced fragrance throw and a longer lasting candle.

  • Time

    After 4 hours your candle gets too hot, fragrance oil begins to evaporate and it burns too quickly. 2-3 hours is the ideal time to blow out one candle and light another!

  • End

    Leave 1 cm of wax in the bottom of your candle. Otherwise your wick can become loose causing the flame to touch the glass.

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