My name is Caroline and I am the creator of Bougie Lab. Like any good chandler I have always loved candles. The flicker of the flame, the gentle glow and the delicate aroma bring me so much pleasure and comfort.


After being gifted a Candle-Making workshop one Christmas , a new hobby emerged and I couldn't wait to get making my own at home and to gift my candles to family and friends. Soon I began to get requests from friends of friends to buy my candles and so Bougie Lab the business was born.

The ethos of Bougie Lab centres on home-made and hand-poured candles with wonderful scents and eco-friendly packaging. Years of testing - trying different combinations of wax and wicks, fragrances and jars and I now have a product that I am so happy with and I hope you will be too. 


Caroline x


French "bougie" [buʒi] (f) noun "candle"

Urban "bougie" [bou-jee] adj  "aspiring to a fancier lifestyle"