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A Journey of Scent

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

3 years in and I’ve decided it’s time for a rebrand and here is why…

The biggest change comes with the renaming of every fragrance to move away from the literal descriptions of scents. Although scent notes are included in the label they are not the main focus. The reason for this is that explicit fragrance names can cheat you of the full sensory experience. Bougie Lab fragrances are complex and layered, if you are being told what you are about to smell then your brain will only pick out those notes and ignore all the others. Using places and experiences is so much more evocative, for example, few of us will have been lucky enough to visit Madagascar but now we can have a sense of some of the beautiful flowers and spices which fragrance the night air.

The inspiration for our Madagascan Dusk scent
Baobab trees, Madagascar

Many hours were spent choosing the perfect name for each scent - some based on personal experience such as WIld Atlantic and Cotswolds Ramble and others based on a wanderlust and yearning to visit faraway and exotic places such as Havana Lounge or Namibian Dawn (teaser to an Autumn scent soon to be released). No place name is random and each was picked for it’s link to notes in that scent. Each scent is accompanied by a short but captivating scenario to fully immerse you in the entire sensory experience.

An immersive story of scent is included on every candle
Persian Garden Candle

So go on a journey from Turkey to Thailand, from Sicily to Santorini. Can you guess where Halloween and the scent of Pumpkin and Berries will take us? Let me know below your guesses and I’d love to hear your thoughts on the name change.

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